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Townsend Real Estate was founded in 1989 by 
Gary D. Townsend, who is the Owner/Broker of the company.
Since that time Townsend Real Estate has been listing and selling
Residential and Business property in the Central Carolina area.



Throughout the years Gary has obtained additional Licenses
to help his clients and add to his expertise.



 In 1992 Townsend Real Estate obtained a Auction Firm License.
 With this license Townsend Real Estate offers Real Property
 for sale  at auction. Over the last years Townsend Real Estate
 has sold Millions of Dollars worth of Real Property at auction.



In 1996 Gary obtained a North Carolina Appraisal License after
obtaining extensive educational training . Since that time he has
updated his license and currently is performing Residential,  Farm
and Land Appraisals in the Central Carolina area.


In 2006 Gary Townsend received his North Carolina Auctioneer 
License after attending the Carolina Auction Academy, School of 
Auctioneering and passing the N.C. Auctioneer Licensing Board
State Board Exam.

    Gary is also a N.C. Notary Public.



All of the licenses listed below require annual continuing education 
requirements as a requirement to retain license and to 
continue to do business.

Licenses Currently Held

N.C. Real Estate Broker 128946

N.C. Auction Firm - Townsend Real Estate 5413

N.C. Auction Firm - Hinson's Auction 8405

N.C. Auctioneer 8247

S.C. Real Estate Broker in Charge 81874

S.C. Auction Firm - Townsend Real Estate 4012

N. C. State-Licensed Residential Real Estate Appraiser A4585, Retired

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